All details about Boo Bitch, the new show on Netflix

Boo Bitch

Credit: Netflix

If you are a regular Netflix watcher and enjoyed the shows like Elite, Gossip Girl, Sex Education, Stranger things, and the End of The F World among others, then we can bet on the fact the upcoming show on Netflix, Boo Bitch is for you

The series showcases Erika Wu, who is a regular high school student chancing upon the fact that she is a ghost, the series has vibes of Halloween in the summer season.

If you are interested in the show and want to know all the details then don’t worry we got you all covered.

The release date for Boo Bitch announced

If the premise interests you one bit, then you wouldn’t have to wait for a long time since the show Boo Bitch is dropping on Netflix on the 8th of July, the first season will consist of 8 episodes which will be released all at once for the viewers to stream and download, this will be a Netflix exclusive, the subscription is currently 9.99$ a month.

The cast of Boo bitch

The lead from to all the boys series, Lana Condor will be seen playing the protagonist of Boo Bitch, Erika Wu, at such a young age as 25, she is herself the lead producer in the series.

Condor has a range of successful roles in her record, like Jubilee in the X men, Li in Patriot Days and Koyomi in Alita battle Angel, Saya Kuroki in deadly class and and Lexi in Summer Night, and of course to all the boys series.

Erika has a best friend in Boo Bitch called Gia is played by Zoe Colleti who was previously seen in Fear the walking dead, and Jack C, the crush of Erika.

Riley, the most popular student in school is played Aparna Brielle who was also seen in Dead Girls detective agency, theres a student called gavin with the ability to speak to the dead, he is played by Tenzing Norgay trainor.

The plot for Boo Bitch

The plot for boo bitch follows  Erika Wu who is a high schooler who discovers that now she is a ghost walking in the mortal realm, she and her friends decide to complete and extensive list of tasks since time for her on earth is short.