Adam Devine clears that he and his wife are doing great.

Adam Devine clarifies he's not Adam Levine

Credit: Fox News

The American actor, Adam Devine is facing a problem caused by confusion about the name of two stars Adam Devine and Adam Levine.

Adam Devine officially clarifies everything via an Instagram post.

The American actor Adam Devine’s name is quite similar to the name of the American singer Adam Levine who is currently suffering from allegations of cheating on his wife, due to this mess people start thinking that Adam Devine is cheating on his wife instead of Levine.

On Friday, Adam Devine uploaded a picture with his wife Chloe Bridges and captioned it “doing great and going strong” to clarify that he is not the singer and his married life is going awesome.

However, the “pitch perfect” actor said that he will name his future baby summer, referring to Model Summer Stroh who claims that she had an affair with Adam Levine.

Everything you need to know about Adam Levine and the case.

Adam Levine a well-known American singer recently faces allegations of cheating on her wife.

On Monday, while giving an interview to a media outlet Adam Levine said that he is not cheating on anyone but yes if he got a chance then for sure he will like to cross the line in his marriage. Which again created a controversy.

Adam Levine has denied that he is having an affair, even in an interview he said that for him if something matters then that must be his family who he loves the most, Although there are some allegations that Levine was also involved physically while having the affair, which he denied and said if I made a mistake like this I will accept to save my marriage and family.

Although nothing is confirmed yet so let’s see who is lying and who will be guilty till then stay connected.